• Lap Sit
    Lap Sit is a playgroup for kids up to five years old and their caregivers. It's a time to learn, to play and to socialize! Join us just about every Friday from 10:15-11:00AM for a fun time!

  • December Story Times
    Join us for Story Time each Wednesday at 10AM with Cindy and 3PM with Diane for some great stories! This month we  will read about witner, Pete the Cat, Christmas, and the New Year!

  • Teens
    Check out our newest display on the Teen bulletin board! It's all about random acts of kindness! Write an encouraging message to a teacher, friend, relative or a total stranger; leave it for them to find and fell wonderful about yourself! We have the supplies, you just need to bring some good vibes to share with others!
  • Stir It Up
  • Young Explorers Club
    The Morgan County Audubon Society will be hosting the Young Explorers Club on Saturday, Dec. 22nd at 11AM. Learn about the Junior Bird Feeder Challenge and get reading to learn about birds!

  • Princess Story Time
    Thank you to everyone who came out to see Belle at our Princess Story Time!
  • Lego Club
    Try your hand at our newest challenge for Lego Club: build something that starts with the letter "T." What would that be? You could make a clock for time, build a Christmas tree, build a truck, or anything else your imagination can dream up! Join us anytime betweeen 2:30-4:30PM on Friday, Dec. 14th!

  • Winter Crafts

Young Explorers Club

Morgan County Audubon Society

The Morgan County Audubon Society will be hosting a Young Explorers Club at the Library! It is a four part series that will focus on birds and mammals of Illinois. The first session is on Dec. 22nd at 11AM and it will introduce the Junior Bird Feeder Challenge. Join us for the free, fun event and learn a little something too!


Stir It Up

A cooking class for kids and adults

We will be offering a program for kids and the adults in their lives called Stir It Up! This group will meet monthly to try our hand at making a recipe and talk about recipe's that we love! The goal is to help kids (and their adults) become more comfortable and confident in the kitchen! If you have a great recipe to share, please bring a sample and copy of the recipe that we can share! Our first meeting will be on Tuesday, Jan. 8th at 7PM.


Winter Crafts

Dec. 22nd - Jan. 4th

Do the holiday blah's have you down? Are you tired of your family just sitting around your house? Do your kids want to do something but you don't want the mess? Then come the library to make a craft! We will be featuring a different craft every day from Dec. 22nd - Jan. 4th! Stop in anytime, the crafts will be available anytime that we are open!


Lego Club

Join us for your next Lego Club! Our challenge is to build something that starts with the letter "T." As in tree, turkey, turnpike, turnip, tulip, treasure, the list could go on and on! So bring your thinking caps and build something cool with us on Friday, Dec. 14th. Stop in anytime between 2:30-4:30PM.


STEAM at the Library

Little Learners, Geeky Girls and Full STEAM Ahead!

We have all three of our STEAM prorgams this month! Join us for Little Learners on Monday, Dec. 3rd to make tieeue paper flowers. We have Geeky Girls on Friday, Dec. 21st who will be working with Spheros. Spheros are small balls that you can control with an app. Can you get your Sphero through an obstical course? Full STEAM Ahead will meet on Friday, Dec. 28th to try out Squishy Circuits. This will bring together the world of playdoh and electronics in a way that will brighten your world!
We have Story Time every Wednesday at 10AM with Cindy and 3PM with Diane! Join us for some great stories this month!

Dec. 19th - Christmas stories
Dec. 26th - New Years stories


Lap Sit

August and September

Lap Sit continues on through October at 10:15 AM on Fridays and we welcome friends, new and old, to come and play! We will have some fun ideas for you try here and at home as we explore a new topic each week.

Dec. 14th - Birds
Dec. 21st - Holiday craft
Dec. 28th - New Year celebration ideas for little ones

S.T.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Thanks to a generous grant from the Jacksonville Children's Foundation, we are now able to offer ongoing S.T.E.A.M. programming that will include animation, electronics, 3D printing and more!

Learn more!


Lap Sit

Early Years is back!

Lap Sit is our playgroup for kids 5 and under and the important people in their lives. This is a program that we run year round, every Friday at 10:15 AM. We are happy to announce that the Early Years staff is back to help us out and is bringing some great ideas and cool toys! Join us for a time to play and learn!