• Lap Sit
    Lap Sit is a playgroup for kids up to five years old and their caregivers. It's a time to learn, to play and to socialize! Join us just about every Friday from 10:15-11:00AM for a fun time!

  • Lego Club
    Join us on Friday, Oct. 12th for Lego Club! Your challenge is to build a musical instrument! Stop in anytime between 2:30 and 4:30PM for some fun!

  • October Story Times
    Join us for Story Time each Wednesday at 10AM with Cindy and 3PM with Diane for some great stories! This month we  will read about dogs, teddy bears, clothes, buttons and Halloween!

  • Geeky Girls
    We will be working to build a rubberband racer car on Friday, Oct. 19th at 3:30PM!

  • Giveaway!
    You could win a copy of the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, The Meltdown! Greg and Rowley are caught up in a neighborhood snowball fight. Our question is, how would you win a snowball fight? Write your answer and get it turned in by Oct. 27th for a chance to win!

College Ready?

Do you have questions about what college is really like?
                    What you should bring to the dorm?
                                 Is college really that much harder than high school?
                                                     Where should I go to school?

There are lots of questions that kids might have and we have a chance to get some answers for you! Come join us on Tuesday, Oct. 16th at 7PM for a chance to talk with real, live college students! There won't be anyone in a suit telling you that you should do this or that, just people to talk to. No question is too silly, just ask.

STEAM at the Library

Little Learners, Geeky Girls and Full STEAM Ahead!

We have all three of our STEAM prorgams this month! Join us for Little Learners on Monday, Oct. 1st to learn some easy origami. We have Geeky Girls on Friday, Oct. 19th who will be making a Rubber Band Car and two sessions of Full STEAM Ahead on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd and Friday, Oct. 26th who will be making a flag waver! Registration required, sign up today!


The Meltdown

You could win a copy of the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, The Meltdown! Pick up an entry form that asks the question - how would you win a snowball fight? In the book, the whole neighborhood is engaged in an epic snowball fight! Alliances are made and broken, how will Rowley and Greg survive?
Come in, fill out our entry and you might win a copy of the book! Get your entry in by Oct. 27th!

We have Story Time every Wednesday at 10AM with Cindy and 3PM with Diane! Join us for some great stories this month!
Oct. 3rd - Adopt a Dog
Oct. 10th - Teddy Bears
Oct. 17th - Wear Something Gaudy Day
Oct. 24th - Count Your Buttons Day
Oct. 31st - Halloween


Lap Sit

August and September

Lap Sit continues on through October at 10:15 AM on Fridays and we welcome friends, new and old, to come and play! We will have some fun ideas for you try here and at home as we explore a new topic each week.
Oct. 5th -  Early Years will be here!
Oct. 12th - Importance of songs
OCt. 19th - Counting
Oct. 26th - Halloween tips

S.T.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Thanks to a generous grant from the Jacksonville Children's Foundation, we are now able to offer ongoing S.T.E.A.M. programming that will include animation, electronics, 3D printing and more!

Learn more!


Lap Sit

Early Years is back!

Lap Sit is our playgroup for kids 5 and under and the important people in their lives. This is a program that we run year round, every Friday at 10:15 AM. We are happy to announce that the Early Years staff is back to help us out and is bringing some great ideas and cool toys! Join us for a time to play and learn!