Jacksonville Public Library
Board Members and Library Staff
Jacksonville Public Library Board of Trustees
President:  Mary Fergurson
Vice-President:  Craig Albers
Secretary:  Elizabeth Kennedy
Trustee:  Kevin Eckhoff
Trustee:  Ted Roth
Trustee:  Forrest Keaton
Trustee:  Noel Beard
Trustee:  Katie Scullion Weeks
Trustee:  Robert Underbrink
Jacksonville Public Library Staff
Library Director: 
Chris Ashmore
Assistant Library Director/Adult Services Librarian:  Hillary Peppers

Circulation Supervisor:  Sarah Snyder

Youth Services Librarian:  Cindy Boehlke

Outreach Librarian:  Diane Hollendonner

Library Clerk:  Diane Hequet

Library Clerk:  Bridget Dean
Library Clerk:  Amber Ashmore
Library Clerk:  Heidi Estabrook
Cataloger:  Diane Darnell
Financial Secretary:  Kim Pohlman